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INERTIA installation 2019 in response to INCENDIARY exhibition call out 2019. 

Paint tins are often left with the dregs of positive action – liquid colour DIY job, improving the environment of home or workspace with a mixture of hazardous and toxic materials. Painting a room is an act of optimism – real space renewal for mind as well as place. What is left over is an awkward container of short shelf life waste material. Stored out of sight, tins rust, paint congeals and separates. Recycling centres refuse to take wet paint, it has to be dried out and ultimately sent for landfill or incineration : about 55 million litres per year in UK. The ease of buying and optimism of bettering personal environments weigh uneasily against the difficulty in disposal, or recycling. Collecting old paint locally highlights this awkward equation of improvement, home, choice and renewal versus accumulation, disposal, bulk, waste and environmental damage.

Inertia   inactivity, sluggishness, torpor, laziness, disinclination to move or act, the tendency of a body to preserve its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force, resisting change.