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Project   a plan or scheme, a large undertaking requiring concerted effort, to communicate clearly or forcefully, to use one’s voice in order to be heard, to predict or estimate, to cast or impel forward, to protrude outwards, to cause an image to appear on a surface, to ascribe one’s own thoughts, attitudes or feelings onto others, to impute to others one’s hidden desires or impulses in order to defend oneself.

Carbon   a widely distributed element that forms the basis for all living things, organic compounds occurring in a pure state as diamond and graphite, and in an impure state as charcoal, a rod through which electric current is conducted, short for carbon copy and carbon paper, a copy of a document sent to one or more people, a near or exact duplicate of a given person or thing, a replica.

Skin   external covering of a human or animal body with protective or sensory function, complexion, the tanned hide of an animal sometimes used in clothing or accessories, to flay, peel or strip, to remove an outer layer, to scrape a body part and draw blood, depicting the depths of ones outer layer and vulnerability, depicting nudity.

Sleep   cease being awake, the suspension of voluntary bodily functions and consciousness, psychological rest, brain wave activity and periods of dreaming, the state of a person, animal or plant that sleeps, to accommodate for sleeping, to take time out to consider something, a period of time, a state of dormancy, put to death, to be dead, to have sex.