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At the centre of Nick Grellier’s practice is the habitual making of one daily drawing using playful language and simple materials, often on the edge of disintegration, which attend to the difficulties and inadequacies inherent in verbal communication. The work draws on ambiguity, misinterpretation and the inseparability of the tragic-comic via deadpan humour, and autobiographical narratives, alluding to universal and to intimate experience. Her father has suffered with Alzheimer’s for several years and her reflections on his slow deterioration and the simultaneously renewed relationship between them form a poignant, and often funny, subject for many of the drawings. Grellier’s larger works expand on subjects that have emerged out of her drawing practice, integrating drawing, collage, screen print, found object assemblage, textile and text.

It all depends on how you look at it, it might be because you keep on talking (that I feel like punching you) #526 10/5/21