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Apprehension  the act of understanding, perception on a direct and immediate level, reception to information without passing judgement, often without complete comprehension, a notion or concept, anxiety, the anticipation of adversity or misfortune, seizure, the act of arresting.

Stroke   the striking of a bell, the sound of time passing, regular movement, a sudden act, movement or occurrence, a single movement or one of a series of complete movements, the act of striking (with a fist or weapon), a blow, a soothing or caressing movement with the hand, mark or flourish with a pen or cancelling out, an oblique line between two words which indicate that one or other may be chosen as appropriate, the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain often resulting in loss of consciousness or control, or brain damage, a pulsation of the heart.

State  condition or situation, structure or form, any mode of existence, a sovereign political power or community, territory, sphere of power in a community, the body politic, position in society, ceremonious style, to articulate, to resolve, nervous, upset or excited.

Tense   stretched or stressed, taut or rigid, under emotional or mental strain, highly strung, producing strain, to make or become tight or hard, past, present or future expressed in language.

Drilled   bored, pierced, riddled with holes, exercised strictly and repeatedly, instructed in procedures or movements.

 Drop   a small quantity of fluid that falls in a spherical mass, a small quantity of anything, to fall vertically, to fall abruptly, the vertical distance something may fall, a steep incline, to let fall, to decrease in amount or volume, the unloading of supplies.