POSTS Trevor H. Smith review of TODAY 366 drawings exhibition at SVA Gallery, Stroud,  Artists Newsletter November 2020

In conversation with Emily Lucas, PhD research project entitled ‘Making their mark. Why artists draw: an interrogation of drawing as a subjective, autobiographical and emotional act

BAD DRAWING : intentions for, and status of, drawing. 

MIGHTY PENCIL : drawing and language, the funny and the sad. 

good on paper cover
Good on Paper cover Issue 53  Nicola Grellier • Plastic Lungs  August 2019


Good on Paper cover Issue 65 Nicola Grellier • no backbone October 2020


Good On Paper April 2017

Good On Paper NG

Galleries Magazine May 2017
Unpicking Clothing: how does a process of deconstruction and reconstruction engender new ways of thinking and knowing?  research essay

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