Nicola Grellier was born in Canada in 1966 and moved to London aged 1. She studied at Wimbledon and Chelsea Schools of Art in the mid 1980s and lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Grellier is an MA Fine Art student at UWE Bristol 2017-2020

 Nicola Grellier’s current work is concerned with issues of self-perception, self-presentation and self-delusion. She uses posture and clothing to examine emotional states of vulnerability and confidence where body and consciousness delicately collide. The fleeting ability to corral an idea or sensibility is always present in Grellier’s practice which has drawing at its heart.

 When drawing in charcoal with seemingly unrefined strokes and visible accident or building layers of paint or collage to obscure or contain the essential shapes, the artist brings each series of actions to a stop before the figure loses its vulnerability.

 Many of Grellier’s recent figures are anchored to a repeated pattern of black and white squares or diamonds, reminiscent of checkered floor tiles, a device which is both theatrical and visually mnemonic. It provides both a gravitational pull and an intermittently transparent overlay affording glimpses into the past of both the painting and collective memory.

Unpicking Clothing: how does a process of deconstruction and reconstruction engender new ways of thinking and knowing?  research for practice