Nicola Grellier studied at Wimbledon and Chelsea Schools of Art in the mid 80s and lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Grellier is studying MA Fine Art at UWE Bristol 2017-2020.

Nicola Grellier uses materials and methods which may be considered uncontemporary and of low value. Her practice often involves lengthy investments of making-time which connect with a lifelong interest  in and practice of what’s traditionally considered to be ‘women’s work’.  She aims to provoke an awkward sense of relevance and attempts to make concrete the extraordinary brevity of moments of clarity/ happiness with these foolhardy activities.  

Grellier employs mundane objects and materials as describers of human space such as clothing, chairs, room screens, brown paper, wool, discarded plastic, pill packets and pencil to examine emotional states of vulnerability and confidence and the collision of body and consciousness. 

Nicola Grellier and SIT Select partnership select connect produce artist and makers talks, networking opportunities and workshops at the old art school Centre for Science and Art, Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB where she has her studio. 

Unpicking Clothing: how does a process of deconstruction and reconstruction engender new ways of thinking and knowing?  research for practice 

Studio visits by appointment